Student budget.

By May 11, 2017Blog

Is it your first time away from home?

Congratulations on making the decision to study abroad! I can still remember when I first moved away from my home country Papua New Guinea to Brisbane. I was excited to study abroad, to meet new people and to experience a new city. This was combined with the fact that I was terribly homesick and cried for my parents to take me back to PNG! However, I continued on and am still loving Brisbane some 20 years later. J

One of the biggest learning curves was managing my money as a student. Here are some tips to help you manage your budget as you settle into student life.

  • Shop around for the best bank for students. You can often get discounts if you look. Reduce your fees where you can! ING Direct have $0 account keeping fees for students.
  • Register your Go Card and keep it on you and your student card to take advantage of discounted student travel rates.
  • Take advantage of discount movie E.g. Tuesday nights at the movies are cheaper.
  • Buy from your local market and support local Brisbane farmers. It can work out cheaper than buying from the main grocery stores.
  • Sharing your accommodation can work out cheaper! Speak to the SI team to discuss your accommodation options. We can find the right suburb and living environment for you.

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