What is Omni-channel marketing and why is it important for business?

The Site Institute team attended ‘Omni-Channel Marketing: Creating Integrated Customer Experiences’ event organised by Women in Digital. The event was a fantastic opportunity to hear from omni-channel leaders Nathan Bush, Group Digital Manager at SRG, Kelly Newberry, Marketing Manager at Neto, Jase Clamp, Product Manager at Temando and Emma Carter, Brand Experience Designer at Thoughtworks.

First things first, what is omni-channel?

Omni-channel is a fancy way of say integrated marketing. What is integrated marketing? It means every time your customer comes across your brand: in-store, via Facebook, via LinkedIn, via the call centre or via Instagram, you send the same message. The customer is hearing the same song and there is no disconnect in communication or brand experience. Omni means one and ensures the customer has a consistent and relevant experience regardless of where the customer interacts with any member from your team be that product, customer service or sales.

Omni-channel experience implementation

A key challenge for omni-channel is execution and delivering a consistent and engaging experience. We put this challenge to the expert panel and here is a summary of recommendations.

  • Know your customer
  • Understand the customer journey
  • Map the customer journey
  • Understand the customer pain points
  • Break down silos. Get to know people who are NOT in your department.
  • As a business group, develop shared KPIs
  • Know your business
  • Take risks in retail
  • Personalise the customer experience across all touch points

What are the best solutions for omni-channel marketing?

  • Talk directly to the customer and understand their pain points to improve the customer experience
  • One size does not fit all! Choose the most relevant software and marketing platform for your customer needs and business
  • Stay focused on the customer needs and requirements. Sometimes companies run the risk of getting caught up in the latest software or technology or platform, and may lose sight of what the customer wants and needs.

What if my business does not provide a consistent customer experience?

Businesses run the risk of going out of business if different departments don’t speak to each other. You can run a fabulous marketing campaign, but if there is no inventory to supply, that makes for a poor customer experience and lost opportunity that affects profit. From a people standpoint, you may lose great talent.

How do I measure KPIs?

What does the future look like?

  • There is massive opportunity for artificial intelligence and virtual reality
  • Amazon is coming! But, it won’t kill small business retailers
  • There will be a rise in ethical law

Recommended reading

Thank you to Women In Digital for hosting and the awesome panel for sharing your insights! You were terrific and provided key learnings that we can all take away!

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