Check out our 6 TIPS for settling in

First of all, congratulations! It is exciting to land in a new city, a new country and start a new course. What an adventure! Here are our top 6 tips to settle into Brisbane.

  1. Take advantage of shared accommodation. Shared housing and student hubs like Student One are great to connect with international students. International students may not be studying at Site Institute, but you will quickly meet other students exploring the world and form solid networks!
  2. Meet up with your classmates after class! It’s not all study, study, study. Enjoy the friendships as well as study and learning about other countries.
  3. Join organised groups. Meet Up have a bunch of groups in Brisbane and you are able to meet with like-minded people, depending on your area of interest. For example, if you really like hiking, you can meet other Brisbane locals and international students who like hiking.
  4. Call home. Home is where the heart is. Technology enables you to stay in touch with the ones you love. It does not have to feel like they are on the other side of the world! Even though some family members will be halfway around the world.
  5. Enjoy your adventure! This is a special time where you can focus on study and exploring a new country and culture.
  6. Feel supported. Talk to the Site Institute Student Team with any concerns. We want to see you succeed and are here to guide you through your study journey.