Achieve your study goals

When you are in your routine of work, home, family, friends and hobbies, it is easy to put your study goals and dreams on hold. Managing finances, savings, regular bills PLUS investing in education and ongoing learning can be a challenge and sometimes people may keep study and travel dreams on hold. We don’t want money to stop you from taking the first step. We have just launched the SI Anniversary Scholarship. Take advantage of the Scholarship and get your applications in!
The Anniversary Scholarship celebrates committed students and provides up to 40% off course fees some Scholarships! The SI courses are focussed on making you a competitive force in the workplace. You get the chance to study abroad, immerse yourself in Australian culture, combine learning with work placements and connect with domestic students and international students.

Applying for a Scholarship Tips
1. Choose the course you want to apply for
2. Call the team to understand Scholarship requirements
3. Be organised and submit your application on time
4. Stay positive! This could be the start of a wonderful new international study adventure!
5. Think BIG! You can study at SI and open up a world of study and career opportunities.

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