Top 10 Tips for entrepreneurs

Danielle Lewis is the talented and inspiring founder of Scrunch, a marketing data and analytics company based at West End, Brisbane. We heard Danielle speak at Fishburners this week and share entrepreneurship tips. Danielle’s Number 1 Tip for aspiring entrepreneurs is to “Know your business. Be knowledgeable about where you are going and what you spend your money on,”. Fishburners captured the whole presentation and it’s available for you to download here. Here are Danielle’s other tips for start-ups.

Tips 2 – 10

  1. Be prepared for your idea to EVOLVE. Danielle’s current business is different to the initial business launch. There were 3 changes in the business direction, which felt like failure at the time, but ultimately led to the current business success and growth.
  2. Execution is key. It was love at first sight when the business idea was first conceived. BUT, it’s not just about inspiration to launch a business. Execution, staying focussed, motivated and committed to the business idea is critical to start-up success.
  3. The customer is key. Always ask yourself, what value are you bringing to customers?
  4. Be able to pitch your business with a 10 page summary and also a 100 page business plan. The 100 page business plan will go into all aspects of the business and forces you to have a thorough understanding of your business to sell the business successfully to investors.
  5. Surround yourself with smart and passionate people! You will automatically lift when you connect with other entrepreneurial minded people.
  6. Trust your team, develop your team and set clear expectations.
  7. Be prepared to wear multiple hats as a business founder.
  8. Danielle’s number 1 skill is to be able to sell. Be able to sell your business, promote your skills and services.
  9. Recommended reading: The 4 hour work week and The 1 thing by Gary Keller.

Thanks so much, Danielle! We loved hearing you speak.

Stay tuned for more information about Fishburners speaker events! The events are an excellent opportunity for Business Unlimited students to hear first-hand from entrepreneurs, get tips on launching a start-up, connect with Brisbane founders and apply theory to practice.

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