School of Engineering Technology

Why choose to study at SI School of Engineering?

Site Institute's School of Engineering Technology is the place to learn in a dynamic, innovative and future-focused environment. Build your engineering skills, learn how to use the latest software, equipment and be competitive in the industry. Our programs provide the skills and knowledge required to implement cutting edge technologies within industries operating in both the global and local environment.

At Site Institute you will work with advanced equipment and software to hone your practical skills, while having fun creating the designs, applications and products of the future. You will develop your skills with industry software like REVIT®, AUTOCAD® and Inventor®.

Cutting edge work

  • Develop 3D design and modelling software skills

  • Use 3D printing technology to create innovative new products

  • Design and build drones for industry application

Future direction
Study engineering at Site Institute and gain the opportunity to:

  1. Open a university pathway with guaranteed credit - reducing the cost and time required to complete your degree

  2. Fast-track your career by attaining the skills required for industry success

Our Courses