Clear your mind.

By May 11, 2017Blog

Why clear your mind before you sit down to study?

In a world where we race through the day with a constant flow of information; we have fake news, real news, global news, national news, and family news, it is so important to give your brain the space to absorb new information, and revise information before you sit down to study! How do you do this?

  • Get into nature. Connect with your environment. Take a walk in your local park, walk to SI instead of taking the bus, sit by the Brisbane River.
  • Exercise and move your muscles. Exercise promotes the flow of blood to your brain.
  • Set your study goals and plan with your trainers.
  • Set up a designated study area at home. Don’t study in your bed! Get into good study habits early.
  • See your friends! Socialising is an important way to relax and take time out before studying hard.
  • Turn your phone off! Take a break from social media for a few hours. Facebook will still be there when you finish studying!

Speak to your trainer for more study tips! We are here to help you achieve your goals.

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